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Reduce back, shoulder and neck pain

Reduce back, neck and shoulder pain

Studies have shown that by improving your posture you can reduce pain in your (lower) back, neck and shoulder, by strenghtening your muscles. A good posture will also reduce headaches and stress levels.

How it works

HLTH detects your posture by using your computer's webcam. It measures up to 6 different aspects of your posture and uses complex algorithms to steer you towards better posture.

HLTH is proactive and over time, will tell you how you are progressing and what you can do to improve.

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    HLTH is really magical. I am surprised to find that every time I get a notification I am actually slouching. For me, that's enough reason to use it.

    - Josephine Theunissen
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    This app has a lot of potential. It can really transform the way we work behind our desks and improve the health of many people.

    - Jan Ratgers
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    What I like about this app is that it's surprisingly discrete but proactive when it needs to be.

    - Ted van Doorun

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  • Proactive Tracking
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